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Umbrella Los Angeles helped to reposition and elevate the brand with the re-launch of their social and digital marketing strategy. After managing the launching of their first e-commerce site, the brand now generates 90% of its sales directly from consumers. With our focus on building its customer base online, Thale Blanc generated over 50% of its sales through referral traffic from social media. Thale Blanc has experienced tremendous growth on social media, with a following of 29k on Instagram that generates record high engagement and product inquiries. 

We have helped Thale Blanc to develop a strong brand voice that has become synonymous with luxury, travel, leisure, and well integrated product photos that resonate well with their customers and followers. A key component to the content strategy has been influencer outreach, which saw Thale Blanc collaborate with over thirty noted fashion bloggers to date. During New York Fashion Week 2016, Thale Blanc showcased its Spring/Summer 16 collection on social media by collaborating with fashion bloggers, resulting in 8,000,000 impressions on Instagram and 1,500 new followers. In 2017, Thale Blanc opened its first flagship store on Melrose Place with an event organized by Umbrella Los Angeles, generating a great deal of interest on social media which motivated foot traffic and raised Thale Blanc’s profile as a noted emerging Los Angeles luxury brand. We have just launched the first in a series of collaborations with visual artists who will create art work to generate interest in Thale Blanc’s Melrose Place location, encouraging user generated content and making it an attractive, can’t miss stop in one of the most exclusive fashion enclaves in the country.